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Driven by a true passion for music, Ronnie has been DJing for over 13 years with both National and International performances under his hood. Ronnie has been Awarded the Best Bollywood DJ 2024 by Indian Icon Awards and is listed among the top 100 Djs in the country. He is known for his high-energy, engaging and one-of-a-kind Bollywood music performances.

The ELECTronnieK SHOW - is a high-energy, powerful and engaging new-age Bollywood Music act from Ronnie where he takes his audience through a musical journey. From crowd control to unheard sounds & exclusives - every track is played with a thought to create an unforgettable and lasting experience for the audience.

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Ronnie's Forte

From performing at Club Shows across India, to creating a rave for thousands of happy faces jumping and singing at College Fests and Arenas to setting the perfect mood for a private few at Weddings and Corporate Parties, Dj Ronnie is a favourite for one and all. With immense expertise, he has the ability to sense just what his audience desires.

Dj Ronnie live at Exoro

Club Shows

Ronnie has performed at over 150+ clubs in India and abroad. His ability to blend popular chart-topping tracks with lesser-known gems and his dedication towards his aft of DJing makes him a popular choice among music lovers.

Dj Ronnie live at UG

Arena & College Shows

He is a master of crowd control. His College shows are one of a kind. Whether it's an upbeat track to get the party rolling or a romantic ballad to slow things down, DJ Ronnie knows how to keep the crowd grooving.

Dj Ronnie

Weddings & Corporates

He has a deep knowledge and understanding of genre and is able to select tracks that appeal to a wide range of listeners. The diversity of his Bollywood music, with its many different styles and rhythms, makes him an instant favorite.

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I have attended many of his shows & I always have a good time with my friends. His sense of music is exceptional.

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The best DJ out in India and especially the party arena City Bangalore. His music is so engaging we were dancing continuously. Super.

Rohit P

We had an amazing experience with Ronnie. He is polite and extremely professional as an artist. I highly recommend him.


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Dj Ronnie brings the Best Bollywood experience to your party.

Bring the Bollywood Madness to your party.

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